Your foremost deco design partner.

We strive to provide continuous assistance to quality deco interior and furniture shops so as to enable them to grow while maintaining their individual identities.


Be aware of contemporary designs. Try to be fashion forward. Offers the magic of innovation. New simplicity for interactive living. Natural, organic designs & shapes.


Celebrating our design, in all its forms, functions, utilities & inspirations. Less is more. Combination of simplicity and textures, colors, shapes is one of timeless minimalisation.


Contemporary chic and refined design, a free and daring spirit for this exclusive collection. This collection stands out with its chic style and its design for living elegance. Our color associations surprise and arouse the imaginary.


Tavola Tabletop

The new TAVOLA luxury tabletop collection offers you a table setting for your party time with best friends and family!


Art in movement. Surfing on the trend of modern neo-classic style accessible to all, both creative and non-conformist, brings to life daring compositions ideas in a spirit of freedom and dynamism.


Our existing portfolio offers unique designs ! The product life cycle is often longer as we think, retro-classic but still modern, trendy and surprising.